Lather, Rinse, Repeat (EP / CS30) Out Now

We have been sneaking out these tapes that we originally had planned as a tour tape for our spring tour 2020. COVID-19 has laid waste to these plans but we still finished and released this EP, our first regular release.

The tape is still available from the Feathered Coyote Records bandcamp.

“Full Moon Boogie” Official Video Out Now!

We have just released the official video for “Full Moon Boogie”.
The full version of the track can be found on our upcoming tape “Under A Canopy Of Fractal Sunlight”, which is set to be released on Canopy Weekends this spring.

In the meantime, check out this video, inspired by various full moons and lunar adventures at the fairground!

Debut Single “Circumambulation” Out Now!

We’re proud to present our first single “Circumambulation”.
The track was recorded for the upcoming compilatin for A Berry Feast Vol. 6 on Feathered Coyote Records and is now premiering on It’s Psychedelic, Baby.

Swantje sang and played bass and synth on this.
Uli sang and played guitar, piano, organ and drum machine.

Listen here:

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